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About Us

Typical Greek family Business passed on by father to son

Our story starts on 1989 when Pittas Studios were build by Panagiotis Ieromnimon Senior (yeah the guy with the mustache on our proudly designed logo). As the tourism was on the peak for our island it was very easy to grow for a decade. After that we pressed the pause button, because of the change of the tourists needs, our family's  needs and the lack of funds to make the step further and renovate. Almost 18 years after that and because of the willingness of Panagiotis Ieromnimon junior (yeah the one that writes the "our story part" talking good about hisself) we raised a fund to renovate and be able to give our guests a value for money stay. We dream of ending up having a luxurious and top of technology hotel (not there yet, but after a year of reopening it seems that it won't be late for that). 

Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and enjoy the greek hospitality. After a few traveling experiences we had we agreed as a family to not ever get advantage of our guests! 

Our promise is to provide a clean-friendly-simple stay to all our guests

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